Is anger, depression, anxiety or
addiction controlling your life?

Go beyond the symptoms, tackle the root cause and change your
life for the better.

What to Expect

Helping you overcome the issues
dragging you down.

Anxiety, depression, anger, addictions, relationship difficulties and so forth, are frequently symptoms of underlying trauma. In this course we teach you how to:

  • calm and heal your nervous system trauma
  • connect with your deepest self and heal soul fractures
  • become aware of core beliefs and values arising from deficiencies and trauma
  • grieve and heal

In addition you will learn how to:

  • communicate in the five love languages
  • manage your and others’ triggers
  • honour your values and others’ values
  • Cast a vision for your future life

We also teach practical skills around budgeting and communication.

What to Expect

What does the course offer?

  • Proven techniques
  • Online learning
  • Exclusive access to an online community
  • Work books and materials

Your questions, answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who:

  • is struggling emotionally in their life
  • feels like their life is out of control
  • has issues with addiction
  • wants more connection in their relationships
  • has long term unresolved conflict in their relationships
  • is struggling with the big questions of life
Can I purchase modules individually?

Yes. You can purchase the entire course and get all modules. Alternatively, you can purchase specific modules tailored to your needs as follows:

  • PART ONE – Healing and Integration; or
  • PART TWO – Life Upgrade; or
  • Modules 6 and 7 – Values, Vision and Relationships.

You can purchase Module Five – Truth and Grieving, as a separate module.

There is no module on spiritual abuse. This is addressed through one-on-one coaching.

If you purchase the entire course, you get access to an exclusive Facebook group for that class, and group coaching during the course. That is not available if you purchase half the course or individual units.

How much does the course cost?

The entire course costs $549 which includes group coaching during the course, a workbook, notes, and access to an exclusive Facebook group for that class.

You can purchase either PART ONE – Healing and Integration or PART TWO – Life Upgrade separately. Each costs $279. Coaching is not included.

You can purchase Modules 6 and 7 – Values, Vision and Relationships for only $79.

You can also purchase Module 5 Truth and Grieving for only $39.

After I purchase, how do I get started?

If you have purchased half of the course, or one or more modules, then simply enrol. Once you have enrolled you can log-in any time to access the teaching. You will have six months access with your unique log-in.

Classes and coaching for the entire course run during fixed time periods. Details will be emailed to you after you have enrolled.