So yes, it turns out having a crappy childhood is a health hazard. The technical term for having alcoholic parents, fighting in the home, divorce and affairs, constantly changing houses and partners, and caregivers who were themselves struggling with trauma, addiction or mental illness, is ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’ or ACE’s.

As our mind maps are forming in the early years, these ACE’s have a huge impact on how we see ourselves and the world at a deep visceral level. We may think we have left it all behind in adult life – but we have not. In fact, if you have not dealt with your childhood trauma, then your romantic and business relationships will.

So as the song says, ‘when the river runs dry’ we have to ‘return to the scene of the crime’. The good news is, healing is possible. And you are not alone. So join with us at Trauma Life Recovery and let’s begin.

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Here is the Ted X talk on trauma and ACE’s: