The Hero’s Journey

Every culture has hero and heroine stories. In each story the hero or heroine is living an ordinary life, becomes aware of some great challenge, receives an invitation to go on a quest, perhaps refuses, but then goes on the quest and encounters various obstacles. In the end they resolve the challenge and return changed. Often, they bring back something of great worth.

Along the way the hero or heroine must confront their anti-hero. The anti-hero represents that part of themselves they despise, reject, repress and cut off. How they relate to their anti-hero is critical to the eventual outcome of the quest.

Healing trauma is a hero’s journey. It is not for the faint hearted. No one can do it on your behalf, but you will need a guide.

You must accept life’s invitation to begin the quest, face your greatest fears, enter the hidden places of consciousness, and return changed.

Breaking intergenerational patterns of trauma and abuse in your own life is a big achievement. It takes a long-term investment in time and effort, but it is worth it.

If you are willing to start the work, then enrol in our foundational Trauma Life Recovery course. Game on!